Sunday Gatherings on Campus

9am & 10:45am

We would love to have you join us on Sunday if you haven’t already!
We are currently offering on-campus and online options. As always, we continue to encourage those who are most vulnerable to COVID to stay home and catch us online. For many, meeting online is the best choice and we fully support you in that decision. 

What to expect

Health Status - If you are not feeling well then please stay home.

Ultra Violet Air Scrubbers - We have installed air scrubbers into our AC units to clean and filtrate the air. It can help reduce airborne contaminants including particles containing viruses.

Children’s Programming – We currently offer children’s programming for babies through 5th grade indoors. See below for details.

Seating Indoors - We have seating in our main auditorium as well as our Video Venue room.

Seating Outdoors - We have chairs setup outdoors on the patio. 

Gathering Locations

Children & Youth (9am):

• Birth-Pre-K: check in at the Early Childhood Counter (inside worship center). We will continue to have our Bible Story, song time & playtime on our playground as weather permits | more info  

• K-3rd Grade: check in upstairs near room 206 | more info  

• 4-5th Grade: check in upstairs near room 203 | more info  

• Middle and High School: Attend the 9am Worship Gathering in the main auditorium (youth services are at 10:45am only in the building next door)

Children & Youth (10:45am):

Children's locations are the same as 9am (above)

• Middle School 10:45am: Check in at the Activity Center (the building next door) | more Info 

• High Schoo 10:45am: Check in at the Activity Center (building next door)| more info 

If you have any questions at all, feel free to email us.