The Welcome Project

Continuing the Legacy

We need everyone!

A lot has been accomplished for God’s glory through the people of Camarillo Community Church. The generations that came before us had a vision to reach Camarillo with the Gospel. That vision led them to purchase land and then over two decades build the two buildings that we enjoy today. It is time for the current generation to step up and continue what was started. The Welcome Project is about providing the necessary resources to continue to reach our community. It is not just about investing in our facilities but our future and the effort to reach our friends and families.

What & When

The Welcome Project will:

• Expand and beautify our lobby
• Create gathering areas outdoors to encourage fellowship
• Provide permanent shade structures
• Develop an outdoor video venue
• Add a children’s play area between buildings
• Make our church a place where people want to hang out
• Increase our curb appeal

These improvements will position CamCC to engage the next generation with the Gospel. Our hope is to have the construction completed in 2024.

Jesus changes everything

Our vision at CamCC includes seeing an increasing number of people in Camarillo and the surrounding areas come to know and then follow Jesus. We have a passion for seeing people accept the Lord, be baptized and then grow to become more like Him.

Everyone has a next step to take in his or her spiritual journey. Our prayer is that we will see people make those next steps and that God would bless us with an ever increasing group of people who follow Jesus.

The church is not about a building; it is about building people. The facility we have been blessed with is just a tool to be used to achieve the bigger vision of impacting lives for Christ. The Welcome Project aims at improving our ability to welcome guest by providing attractive and relevant environments for hospitality and fellowship. We are essentially adding new tools to our toolbox that we will use to advance the Gospel.

The process

Our Goal: $1.3 Million

• Pray about your participation in The Welcome Project
• Fill out the commitment envelope, then:

» Bring it on a commitment Sundays with your one-time gift.
» Include a pledge for the next three years which is over and
above your regular giving.

Commitment Weeks: Oct 30, Nov 6, Nov 13, & Nov 20

At the end of each service during the Commitment Weeks, the people of CamCC will be given an opportunity to make a one-time gift and turn in a three-year pledge reflecting their commitment to The Welcome Project. You can also do this at the links below.

100% Participation

It's going to take all of us playing our part. Our goal is not equal gifts, but equal sacrifice.