Be our Guest

What should I expect?

At CamCC, you’ll meet real and imperfect people. No matter where you are, where you’ve been, or your current season of life, we want to walk alongside you in your faith journey. 

Feel free to find a parking spot, check-in your kids at the "New to CamCC?" tent on the patio, grab a cup of coffee to bring inside, and come experience dynamic worship and teaching. Before you leave, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy a doughnut and meet others just like you. 

Come be a part of the family!


Birth - High school

We have a full range of programs for your children from birth through high school. Check out the Children's Ministry, Middle School Ministry, or High School Ministry pages below.

Worship & The Bible

We love worship. This includes lots of music, a live band, and teaching from the Bible that is relevant to our lives. We strive to develop authentic followers of Jesus Christ through our worship of God.

Real People

At CamCC, you will meet lots of real people who have real problems. We are not perfect people, but a community of those who seek love, acceptance, and truth. We are a church of people who have found hope in Jesus; that hope has changed our lives!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What times are the Sunday gatherings?

    • Adult Gatherings: 9am & 10:45am
    • Birth-5th grade: 9am & 10:45am
    • Middle School: 10:45am
    • High School: 10:45am

  • Where do I park?

    Feel free to park in the lots surrounding the church.

  • Where do my children go?

    If it's your first time, please check in at the "New to CamCC?" tent on the patio. We will get your children checked in and show you where their classroom is.

    Middle and high school students meet in the Activity Center building (the smaller building)

  • Do I need to dress up?

    Nope! Feel free to dress casually (or dress up if that's your preference). Come as you are!

  • Can I check CamCC out without committing to anything?

    Absolutely. Feel free to come and stay anonymous for as many Sundays as you like. When you are ready to connect, fill out a connection card here. We have a gift for you and are excited to connect with you!

  • Can I bring my drinks into the gathering?

    Yes! We encourage you to stop by our tables on the patio for a cup of coffee on your way in. There are cup holders in the seats for your convenience. 

  • Where do I go if I have questions or I'm lost?

    Please visit us at the "New to CamCC?" tent on the patio! There are friendly people ready to assist you with any questions or directions. 

  • What can I expect during worship?

    You can expect dynamic worship, compelling teaching from the Bible, and an opportunity to encounter God. 

  • What do I do after the gathering is over?

    We have doughnuts and coffee on the patio for you to enjoy after the gathering (safely wrapped to-go)! Meet some new people, check out our ministry tables, and enjoy this time of connection and fellowship.

  • What precautions are you taking against Covid?

    Click below to see the steps we are taking to protect you and your family.