Elementary K-3rd Grade

9am & 10:45am

Sarah Cordova

K–3rd Director

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Hey there! I'm Sarah Cordova, the K-3 Director here at CamCC. As much as I love a good novel or a theological conversation, I'm equally a fan of minions, hula hoops and worship dance parties! Since coming to CamCC 5 years ago, it has become my home, and these people have quickly become my family -- I truly desire that both you and your student find our K-3 ministry as a place where you can belong as well. I look forward to meeting you soon; forgive me if there's glitter in my hair! 

805-482-2657 ext. 310

K-3rd Grade Ministry

In Deuteronomy 6, we understand that as parents, we are called to talk about God’s love and His commandments all the time – in our homes, when we are lying down, when we get up, and when we are on the road. This may seem like an overwhelming task, but we are there to help you by providing the tools and resources your family can use to build strong, Godly relationships with one another and with Jesus. So come and join us – we can’t wait to meet your family!


9am & 10:45am

Our classes meet upstairs in Room 205 (K-1st) and Room 206 (2nd-3rd). Your children can be checked in at any one of our three Check-In locations. 

What We’re Learning this Month

February 2022

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Below are the videos we're going through this month:

Starting a Conversation

about faith and baptism with your kids

Conversation about faith | Download 

If your child would like to be baptized, please let your small group leader or Sarah know! 

Say YES! to serving in K-3 ministry!

If you have a heart for children and would like to know more about serving as a Small Group Leader with our kids, please contact us!